A PRUDENT MAN for Schools

[cl-review quote=”The workshop was fabulous, the Q&A was excellent, and we certainly had a lively discussion back in the class!” author=”Julie, Senior Drama Teacher” occupation=”Toowoomba” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”” author_size=””]

Lab Kelpie’s hit production of Katy Warner’s darkly comedic political thriller A Prudent Man is now available for incursions into schools.

Performance and workshop packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your class, from Years 9 to 12, in Drama, Theatre Studies, English, Politics, Civics or Australian History. Comprehensive Teachers’ Resources are available as standard, and published scipts will soon be available (coming June 2019).

See below for details, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

A Prudent Man: Performance

What makes the Trumps, the Abbotts and the Hansons of this world tick? What if their world started to shift ever so slightly? What would happen if they came face-to-face with the consequences of their hardline stances?

This provocative new drama is a speculative piece inspired by real life events and people. A Prudent Man taps into the social and political zeitgeist to create a superb portrayal of a contemporary villain archetype in a stripped-back but utterly gripping solo work.

Written by AWGIE-winning playwright Katy Warner and performed by multiple Green Room Award nominee Lyall Brooks, A Prudent Man takes an unapologetic look at a man both in control… and on the edge.

50 minutes followed by an optional complementary Q&A.

A Prudent Man: “Playing The Villain” Workshop

From Shakespeare to Disney, we’re all familiar with the more classic “baddies”. But how do you create a contemporary villain for today’s Netflix generation?

In this 90-minute workshop, Lyall Brooks will take participants through games, discussions, practical exercises, and both group and solo performance examples to ask: What makes a modern villain? Where does the line between villain and antihero blur? What are the new archetypes?

Prepare to think. Prepare to be silly. Prepare to be challenged.

This workshop has been delivered to drama students from years 9 to 12 across several states, prompting vigorous discussion and igniting ideas back in the classroom.

It can be – and has been – tailored to each school’s specific learning goals, future outcomes, or timeframes. For example, a 120-minute “In Their Shoes” variation was delivered to a Year 11/12 class at the beginning of a core unit on self-devised monologues. It included exercises and discussions, as well as creation and sharing time.


$700 50-80 minutes
  • Up to 100 students
  • Extra students @ $7.00 each


$400 90 - 120 minutes
  • “Playing The Villain” – or something customised!
  • Capped at 40 participants


$900 180 minutes
  • May be split across 2 days
  • Regular participant limits and costs apply


$200 90 - 120 minutes
  • Only on same day
  • Regular participant limits apply