One of the advantages of working in the independent sector is the opportunity to work with so many diverse performers, creatives and organisations.

We have been lucky enough to work with and endorse the following excellent humans and organisations – we love their work and encourage you to support them where you can!


Chris Asimos
Andrew Bailey
Xanthe Beesley
Amber Bock
Rohan Browne
Mary Anne Butler
Sam Butterworth
Jesse Cain
Jamieson Caldwell
Emma Cameron
Rosa Campagnaro
Pier Carthew
Jane Clifton
Emilie Collyer
Bryn Cullen
Sharon Davis
Susie Dee
Grace Ferguson
Daniel Frederiksen
Russell Goldsmith
Fiona Harris
Patrick Harvey
Kat Henry
Marg Horwell
Petra Kalive
John Kachoyan
Darius Kedros
Ari Long
Cassandra Magrath
Lulu McClatchy
Lisa Mibus
Ian Moorhead
Peter Mumford
Liz Newell
Roger Oakley
Douglas Rintoul
Kelly Ryall
Bradley Secker
Rob Sowinksi
Henry Strand
Andy Turner
Nick Simpson-Deeks
Sarah Walker
Katy Warner