Lab Kelpie have a wealth of experience in regional touring throughout Australia, and since 2015 have been a regular fixture at major national showcase events like PAC’s Performing Arts Exchange, Showcase Victoria, Queensland Showcase, and Showbroker.

All touring productions are designated as such on our home page, with those tours still available to join discoverable through our National Touring Selector profile. Here you will find further links to video files, performance, technical and marketing information, and the budgetary details required to help you make an informed decision.

You can also individually access current productions available to tour below, or contact us directly if you want to discuss a particular production or request a once-off buy-in.

We work hard with presenters to ensure presentations of our work at their venues are successful by providing top class marketing materials and engagement opportunities, and we look forward to working with your venue in the future.

Upcoming or Available Tours:

Production: Become The One by Adam Fawcett
Status: Currently building 2022 East Coast Tour.
Profiles: Showcase Victoria, National Touring Selector and arTour
Interested? Get in touch here.

Production: A Prudent Man by Katy Warner
Status: Available for one-off purchases presented by Lab Kelpie, or school incursions presented by Lab Kelpie Education. Originally supported by arTour.
Interested? Get in touch here.

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