Spencer For Schools

The current Covid-19 crisis has forced teachers out of the classroom and resulted in a sudden and demanding shift to online learning – an area that (as we are quickly realising) traditionally lacks local Australian education material that is both quality and targeted.

To help combat these challenges, Lab Kelpie is pleased to be able to offer this quick-response resource package for Drama, Theatre Studies and English teachers.

Spencer by Katy Warner is an excellent example of contemporary Australian writing and ensemble theatre for Drama and Theatre Studies students, as well an accessible work that provides rich stimulus for students studying a range of Arts and Humanities based subjects from Years 9 through 12.

The Spencer for Teachers online package includes:

  • A PDF copy of the SCRIPT to disseminate to your students.
  • Access to the full ARCHIVAL VIDEO* of the 2017 premiere season of Spencer for a whole school term.
  • Comprehensive TEACHERS’ RESOURCES covering every step of the work’s journey from pen to page to stage, including: an exploration of the issues; the creation and structure of the playtext (plus writing exercises); insight into rehearsals, direction and design processes; activities, prompts and targeted provocations to ignite creative learning; and access to a wealth of resources and further reading.
  • Ongoing support from our Lab Kelpie Education team – we’re here for any questions or advice!

Price: $50.00 (no GST charged).

A note on the price:
We are offering this quick-response resource to support you, our hard-working teachers! Our purpose is not to exploit the current crisis to make fast money – rather the price point represents our need to honour all the artists involved and provide them the respect and remuneration they deserve, especially at a time when many creatives have lost their livelihoods.

On this page you have access to a short excerpt video* and the full Teachers’ Resources document. Feel free to take a look, and email education@labkelpie.com for details on how to order our full Spencer for Teachers online package – available immediately.

SUITABLE FOR mature students in Years 9 – 12.

Spencer contains adult themes and frequent coarse language (in context of the racial and socioeconomic background of the characters). These warnings extend across the playtext, video and resources. The work explores themes of family, identity, toxic masculinity, depression and mental health. Teachers are asked to review all materials in advance and exercise their discretion.

 *The video in the package will be a single wide-shot archival recording. This is the most economical way to get the show into your hands (no more resources are required to reshoot or re-edit footage), the most rudimentary and honest way to view a show (the original “audience perspective” as opposed a series of directed and edited shots designed for a video audience), and a significant teaching opportunity (to introduce and explain the purpose and value of an “archival” in the industry).